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´´Her biography, like her life, is a work of art.” So says singer/songwriter Janis Ian about Christine Lavin and her book Cold Pizza for Breakfast: A Mem-wha?? In this book, and now audiobook, Lavin recounts her circuitous, often hilarious route to becoming one of contemporary folk music’s most respected and beloved songwriters and performers. From Lincoln Center and other New York hot spots to theaters, music halls, and coffeehouses across North America and beyond, life on the road has defined Lavin’s life and music. If she lacked a master plan, she had the heart and chutzpah to keep moving and noting carefully what she saw of human nature along the way. It paid off. Her laser-sharp wit and perceptive irony produced a body of song, and now a book, that captures her life and touches our own (foibles included).Christine’s 14-hour audiobook also includes a foreword written and read by actor and singer-songwriter Jeff Daniels; two brand-new verses of the classic song ´´It Was a Very Good Year,” sung by its author, Ervin Drake; and a cappella bookmarks performed by The Accidentals.As Christine reads her lively tales, she occasionally picks up her guitar and sings to illustrate a point. Join her on this memorable and fun-filled journey and learn some of the most beloved talents in music, stage and screen. As Dirty Linen magazine puts it: ´´Christine Lavin is a storyteller par excellence. She can take the most trivial encounter and spin it into gold, exposing the heart of the matter with humor and grace.” About the author: Singer, songwriter, and entertainer Christine Lavin has released 20 solo albums and eight compilations. She has garnered eight ASCAP Awards and was the founder of the performing folk collective Four Bitchin’ Babes. Her songs are performed by artists including Sutton Foster and have been featured in Off Broadway and touring productions. She created and currently hosts ´´Slipped Discs” on XM/Sirius Radio’s The Village. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Christine Lavin. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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