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Set: Background Paper + Sticker + Sticky Note +...
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A perfect starter kit for budding stationery aficionados who need some help starting their creative journey! This set includes washi tape, envelopes, stickers and much more. Everything is centered on a cohesive color theme, so you can mix and match to your heart s content! Comes in pink, yellow, green and purple. Color: Green, Materials: Paper, Size: Size:Sozai Paper: 15.5cm x 21cmHot Stamping Litmus Paper: 14.5cm x 19.5cmTissue Paper: 18cm x 27cmWashi Sticker: 6cm x 6cmSticker Note: 7cm x 12.5cm, 8.5cm x 8.5cmHot Stamping Card: 7.5cm x 10cmSingle Sticker: 4cm x 14cm, 7cm x 11cmLitmus Paper Envelope: 15cm x 12cm, 12cm x 12cmWashi Adhesive Tape: 1cm x 300cmMetal Bookmark: 2.5cm x 1.5cm, Care: N/A

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Stand: 06.08.2020
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Best. Year. Ever!
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A customizable calendar and gratitude journal including a bookmark ribbon, over 250 stickers, a stackable pen and custom sticky notes.

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Stand: 06.08.2020
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